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Cynthia Pasquella is no stranger to the struggles with weight and health that millions of people deal with on a daily basis. Years ago, Cynthia reached a point where those very struggles had finally eclipsed everything else in her life, and she was left feeling broken and utterly hopeless. But Cynthia had an amazing epiphany that led her down a brand new path, one that transformed her from the inside out, and ultimately enabled her to help millions of others do the same. That epiphany was that she was meant for greatness. And she wholeheartedly believes that all everyone who feels just like she did, that they’re never enough, that they’re not worthy of anything good, are also meant for something really great.


 Fast forward to today, and Cynthia is a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN), a bestselling author, the nutrition expert for hit shows like The Doctors, Dr. Phil and The Today Show, and the founder and director of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

Cynthia is thrilled to share Summer Body Club's content with you, all at once, in an easy-to-download format! 

 What is SBC?

Tired of diets that put you in a box or promise unrealistic expectations?

So were we! Which is why we created SUMMER BODY CLUB. A workable plan for anyone at any stage of life!



Summer Body Club is a unique weight loss program created by the team that has helped millions of people lose millions of pounds. FINALLY, a weight loss program that looks at the whole person, rather than just the number on the scale! 

Are you most successful when there are structured and clear instructions, and a set plan telling you exactly what to eat and how to exercise every day? Or do you prefer a more “plug and play” format with increased flexibility, and less structure within the guidelines?

Well, we have good news! This plan lets you decide just how structured or flexible you want to be. You can follow the meal plans and exercise routines word-for-word, or you can switch it up and choose your own adventure every day. Either way, you'll succeed because you'll be following this plan (and loving it!) on YOUR terms!
Summer Body Club creators understand that in order to achieve permanent weight loss and improved health, you must address three tenets of successful weight loss: 

When it comes to the food recommendations in SBC, you’ll never have to count a single calorie, and, instead, the focus is on “real foods”. You'll learn how to prepare simple, delicious, affordable recipes that are based on foods found in nature, not in boxes and cans or laden with chemicals. The meal plans are designed to be well-balanced, nutritionally dense and filling!


On your journey toward achieving your own summer body, you'll have the opportunity to learn how your thoughts affect your eating behavior, and how to change your mindset so that your mind and body are working together. 


No healthy lifestyle is complete without exercise, and with SBC you'll receive tons of workout videos with the option to follow our exercise regimen (which allows for days off and customization based on your current level) or go your own way with the tools and parameters we provide.

All of the SBC workouts were created by Deb Praver, and they are designed in such a way that you can do them anywhere, you don't need equipment, and you can choose your level. They are led by Basheerah Ahmad and Kadee Sweeney, two powerhouse women who will keep you motivated and having fun through every workout.

In fact, Kaydee recently had some fun on the set of The Doctors, where she demonstrated a few of SBC's powerhouse moves. 

And if you're still on the fence about SBC's workout program, here's an example of one of the routines with Basheerah! 

It's ALL in our Full Program Bundle. And should you have any questions or concerns after you purchase, our customer support is ready and willing to help!

So, welcome to the club! For only $25, you get the entire program - helpful lists and food guides, our philosophy on health and wellness, our core concepts, recipes, meal plans, exercise videos, exercise plans, daily mindset content to keep you focused every step of this journey.
And if you're not sure you want the entire program, but you're interested in one or two of the facets, you have the option of purchasing the program in pieces (just visit our shop). But, we're sure you'll want to dive head first into SBC, so why not set yourself up for success with the whole package?

Through Summer Body Club, you'll discover more than just a diet - this is a movement.


Are you ready to join?